A visualization program with a list of all attractions

Toverland is an amusement park in Sevenum, North Limburg. In the park, which attracts about 500,000 visitors per year, you’ll find roller coasters, a survival course, a swinging ship and a white water ride. If the plans get the go ahead, Toverland will double in size within the next two years. BBA provides the entire park with a fire detection system and developed a unique so called visualization program for this (called: Visual Fire).

Smoke detection

Each new attraction is provided with fire alarm systems by BBA. Installation takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. The status of all systems is controlled by special software, in which the entire park has been mapped. In case of a malfunction or smoke detection, a message appears on the screen immediately . With this program, employees of the park always have an overview of the status of all attractions in the park. Additionally, the software also allows that the detectors can be turned on and off from a distance, so employees do not need to go to the attractions. This can be useful when the work that is being done on the attractions releases smoke.

For the most advanced and safe solution against fire, Toverland came in contact with BBA, the only importer of the visualization program “Visual Fire“ in the Netherlands. With this, Toverland has unique and advanced software, which is very suitable for use on large surfaces such as a theme park. Thanks to BBA, the park can count on the most advanced and fire safe solution.