Fire safety maintenance for health care

Lentis provides assistance to adults, the elderly and children with severe psychiatric and psychological problems. This assistance is provided from various locations spread over a large part of the Netherlands. For the maintenance of fire extinguishers and emergency lighting Lentis has appointed BBA. For approximately 180 locations thousands of units were inspected and maintained.

Confidence in safety

The 180 locations of Lentis for which the new tender Best Value Procurement was held are spread over the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. BBA, that committed to the contract of 5 years, was deemed as ‘best value supplier’ by Lentis and as an expert is therefore entrusted with all locations. On all these locations groups of people come together, so preparation for a fire needs to be 100% in order. The emergency lighting ensures that all occupants can find their way out in case of fire or power failure. The extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hose reels in the building must be in optimal state of readiness so that a fire can be extinguished effectively. In total, BBA roughly needs to maintain 5000 units spread over different locations.

The clients of Lentis need to rely on the expertise of the professionals. This also applies in case of an emergency. Thanks to the expertise of BBA and extensive maintenance, Lentis can rely on correct working extinguishers and emergency lighting.