280 new fire extinguishers for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Homij has been appointed technical engineer for several government buildings in The Hague. Technical installations such as heating, air conditioning and burglar are maintained, repaired and replaced by Homij. For the maintenance of fire protection systems Homij has contracted BBA as a subcontractor. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 280 fire extinguishers had to be replaced.


Too old or defective

In the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague at Bezuidenhoutseweg work about 2000 officials. The building has 13 floors, with hundreds of office rooms. After an extensive audit by the mechanics of BBA, it showed that a large part of the fire extinguishers in the building had to be rejected because they were too old or defective. As a result, many new fire extinguishers had to be delivered and installed within a short period of time. BBA was able to replace all 280 rejected extinguishers within a week.

Besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs BBA also maintains the fire protection systems of many other government buildings in The Hague, for example those of the Upper House and the Parliament. Because of an effective monitoring and quick action of BBA, the fire safety on these key locations of the Dutch government is guaranteed at all time.