Installation & Construction

Contractors and engineers in the construction or renovation of offices and utility buildings turn to BBA when it comes to fire safety. As contractor or engineer, you know what you want: quality and customisation, together with a service that adjusts itself to your process.

The quality of our products is widely recognised in the profession. And because we, as only provider in the Netherlands, are also producers, we can also adjust our products to the desired look of the building. For an architect who doesn’t want standard fire hose reel cabinets in the reception area, we can make a series of unique models.

A contractor or engineer will mainly be interested in how our products can speed up his work. We know your work, and how important the demand for simple installation is. That’s why we continually implement improvements that reduce your workload and that improve safe and ergonomic work. After all, our own maintenance engineers will also benefit from this.

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