The industrial market is a critical market in which a lot of professional knowledge is available in the area of fire safety. This means that for your industry you will want to have a skilled discussion partner who understands what your situation demands.

That’s why we only work with VCA-certified maintenance engineers and with technical advisers who occupy themselves full-time with risk analyses and advice. They are not only searching for the best possible technical solution with you, but at the same time for the best possible economic solution. Because you want to know the total cost of ownership of your fire safety, in the long-term. We have developed a module for this for certain products. This, together with those products for which we guarantee the maximum permitted lifespan of 20 years including maintenance, this leads to interesting savings. In addition, during the entire lifespan we guarantee the availability of all parts and work with approved measures and standards so that the parts remain as interchangeable as possible.

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